Connemara Marble

Connemara Marble is considered to be one of the rarest forms of marble in the world.  It is found in the world-famous Connemara region in the West of Ireland.  The word 'Connemara' means 'Inlets for the sea' in the Irish language and is synonymous for breathtakingly rugged landscapes.  Oscar Wilde is quoted as deeming Connemara a 'savage beauty' which is incredibly accurate for anyone that has been lucky enough to visit the area.  

It is mind-blowing to consider that out of a small rural area in the West of Ireland, something so beautiful and rare was discovered over 600 million years ago.  It is typically green in colour.  The marble forms when limestone is heated under pressure.  While the colour is predominately green there are often shades of grey and brown seen throughout.  4000-year-old axes made from Connemara Marble in the Stone Ae can be seen in The National Museum of Ireland.

The Galway Cathedral in Galway City is where you will see a beautiful example of Connemara Marble forming the floor and completing the beautiful Cathedral.  This floor is one of the largest examples of marble in the world.

Galway Cathedrals exquisite Connemara Marble floor

Iconic buildings worldwide including the walls of the Senate Chamber of the state building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as well as in Westminster Cathedral and Oxford University's Museum of Natural History.

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